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Pfad der Pioniere 11: Nachhaltige Lichtspiele

Junge Fichten
Path of the Pioneers 11: Sustainable light shows


The many young firs at post 11 are unusual for a spruce forest. Often, a spruce forest is uniformly composed of large, thick trees. This is because spruces shoot up quickly and become thick, but then hardly grow any more. New trees can only grow back when an old spruce dies and light reaches the ground again.  In a protective forest, this uniformity entails risks. Such forests are susceptible to storms and beetle infestation. Foresters try to counteract uniformity by cutting down trees so that younger plants can grow back. This management (mountain plunge) not only creates an effective protective forest, but is also good for timber production.


Pfad der Pioniere 11: Nachhaltige Lichtspiele

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