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Porchabella 2: Der Wind dreht sich

Porchabella 2
Porchabella 2
What did Elis actually lose on the glacier? Where does it even come from?
Hiking radio play Porchabella - Bird of Freedom: In eight listening experiences, you will learn what happened here 300 years ago on the hike from Chants up to the Porchabella Glacier?!
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In 1992 , the Porchabella Glacier released the glacial body of a young woman who lived around 1700. On the day of her death, she had covered her dark blonde hair with netting and a felt hat and was wearing a blouse. She was dressed in leather shoes and wrapped in a long, lined wool coat. Investigations showed that the woman was 20 to 25 years old, had bad teeth and came from a rather poor background. However, who the young woman was, where she came from and how she died remains a mystery to this day.

In eight listening experiences, we learn what this ominous woman was all about on the hike from Chants up to the Porchabella Glacier. Let yourself be drawn into this story of love and suffering between Camilla and Elis by the two well-known and trusted SRF voices (Isabelle Paris and Gian Rupf). The fascinating musical world of KappelerZumthor "flashes and we promise:  Your eyes and ears will be opened...


Porchabella 2: Der Wind dreht sich

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