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Ruine Hasensprung

Ruine Hasensprung Rodels

Built in the 13th century - during the Schamser feud in 1415 destroyed: an inconspicuous ruin on the edge of Pratval.


It can be assumed that the castle originally belonged to the Vazer family. The fact that it was then broken in the Shamser feud is also only conjecture. The castle is not documented.

In the urbar of the cathedral chapter around 1370, however, the hill Hasensprung is mentioned.

Today there are considerable masses of rubble on the castle site. As a result, the floor plan is no longer recognizable. It was probably a tower with a Bering to the west. From the tower there is still a wall angle, which consists of an excellent association of stacked blocks.

Three embrasures are completely preserved, of which the upper one have a straight bench, the lowest a sloping bank. Traces of other embrasures as well as parts of a chimney with an inclined smoke duct can be seen on the demolition sections.

On the southern edge of the plateau there are artificially bulked rock parts. Access may have been from the south (uncertain traces of a ramp).


Hasensprung can only be reached via private property. The facility is visible from the Burgenweg Domleschg.

Opening hours

The ruin is freely accessible.


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