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Safiental im Sommer
In the heart of Graubünden there is a great natural landscape which is largely characterised by the Walser culture. While in Winter a white, snowy landscape enchants you, in summer you can walk over flowery meadows and green pastures.


 Safiental in summer:

In the Safiental - Rhine Gorge - Nature park Beverin region you will encounter an intact and unspoilt landscape. Discover the many fascinating natural beauties such as vast alps, gorges, rivers, forests, rugged mountains and of course the unique natural monument, the Rhine Gorge. This was created after the Flims landslide between Reichenau and Ilanz and is today a byword for bizarre rock formations.

Safiental in winter:

In December at the latest, meadows, forests and mountains sink under a thick blanket of snow. On snowshoe trails, the cross-country ski trail or on a ski tour, you can recharge your batteries and enjoy the winter idyll of the valley. Those who love thrills can climb the icefall at the back of the valley. The world's first solar ski lift in Tenna is an innovation.


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