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the experts for effective verbal and non-verbal communication, stress management and resilience training.


Strengthen your soft skills with us. They are the keys to success both professionally and privately.

We are your contact for personality and/or team strengthening in the following areas:

Communication skills
Communicate more successfully and convincingly. Always! Promised!

Impact competence and non-verbal
captivate your listeners with impact competence. Boring performances? No thank you!

Mental, occupational health management
Motivated, resilient employees are crucial for the success of your company.

Personality strengthening / team strengthening
Strengthen your employees and teams – for a good working atmosphere.

Stress Management / Resilience
Getting stressed is something for beginners. Professionals take a deep breath.

Animal- / nature-supported offer
Time that we spend in nature or with animals gives energy, perspective, vision.

Skill Academy – current offers Mimic resonance: seeing feelings – understanding people

«Non-verbal perception is THE training topic of the present and future.» (Dirk W. Eilert)

Dog-assisted coaching
Insights into working with the dog as a sparring partner

We offer coaching training, supervision consulting and further education for individuals, executives, team leaders, employees, teams and companies. Our trainings and high-speed coaching take place in the beautiful mountains of the Surselva, Chur, or at your site. Ideally also combinable with an alpine time-out weekend, on request with overnight stay in the guild hotel or in the monastery. We would be happy to put together your own personal "coaching package".

Skill mentoring: So that your appearance, your presentation or your way of communication is convincing, because there is no second chance for the first impression.

We offer our services online, outdoor and indoors.

Get to know us, we look forward to seeing you

Sonja Killias and team


Price by appointment.
Price by appointment.


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