Biotope Val Surses Savognin Bivio

Tal der Sett

Between Bivio and the Septimer Pass, the Eva da Sett stream meanders through a moorland of national importance.


The valley of the Sett is one of the most beautiful high mountain bog landscapes in the Central Alps and has an exceptionally high density of large flat bogs by alpine standards. The most heavily moored areas are located at Tgavretga and in the high valley of the Plang Camfer; they are mainly limestone and acidic Kleinseggenriede. Their formation and characteristics are very different as a result of the small-scale change of rock: The flat bogs are found on flysch, on moraine material, in an alluvial plain and on waterproof rock. All important types of moor formation in the Alpine region occur here. The moor landscape is only accessible in the valley floor, but largely free of structural interventions. On the slopes there are untouched areas with the smallest moor areas. In the lower altitudes, bogs used as scattered meadows fit into a traditional pattern of use of meadows and small pastures.



Bivio, posta


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