Parking Surselva

Zeltplatz Isla, Rueun

The municipality of Ilanz/Glion has a storage area in Rueun "Isla" (on the right side of the Rhine), which can be rented.


  • Place size approx. 1'500 m2. No more than 100 people are allowed to use the space
  • On arrival, the above-mentioned property is mowed or harvested
  • The existing fireplaces may be used
  • The water can be obtained directly from the well
  • The latrine can be built
  • Drainage ditches may be excavated on the mentioned property
  • The procurement of firewood must not be carried out on your own. Please contact the sawmill Martin Schnoz, 7156 Rueun, phone 081 925 11 48 in good time.
  • In case of severe weather, the emergency shelters of the municipality are available
  • The adjacent meadows may not be entered
  • The use of the football pitch is not allowed
  • The transport of materials and luggage from the railway station to the storage area and back is to be carried out with small vans from the warehouse management
  • The tents should not be set up on the banks of the Rhine, risk of flooding
  • Access by vehicles to the storage area is only allowed for transport
  • Driving and parking ban of vehicles in the entire area
  • The municipality of Ilanz/Glion assumes no responsibility for accidents


The rent is CHF 200.00 per week.
The rent is CHF 200.00 per week.

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