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Protective structures Roman excavations

The Roman conquest over 2,000 years ago is an important part of Chur's settlement history. The findings from this period are presented in the protective structures.

The protective structures above the archaeological finds from the Roman period were constructed in 1986 according to plans by the Graubünden architect Peter Zumthor. They serve as protective covers for the archaeological finds as well as for a museum and architectural jewel. The filigree-like lamellar construction is suggestive of the original dimensions of the Roman buildings.

In case of subject-specific questions, please contact the Archaeological service of Canton of Grisons: 

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The key for the shelters is available for a fee of CHF 3.00 and a deposit of CHF 50.00 at the Regional Information Centre of Chur Tourism at the railway station. Chur Tourism also offers interesting guided tours of the excavations.

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Protective structures Roman excavations

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