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Atelier Giuliano Pedretti

Atelier Giuliano Pedretti (1924 - 2012)

The oeuvre of Swiss sculptor Giuliano Pedretti is characterised by a ‘breathtaking artistic development’ (NZZ). His visionary Schizo sculptures are without equal in the world of art. By introducing a space separating the head and body halves of his figures, he exposes the schizophrenic disposition of human beings and the times we live in. The spatial separation serves to create a volume that seems almost weightless.
With unerring consistency Giuliano Pedretti, the last exponent of classical modernism, explored the problems of sculpture, space and existence. For him, art was never a ‘whim’. The dynamic Engadin artist was always concerned ‘about the creative aspect, creating something artificially vibrant, about a force counteracting nature, about the intellect surviving and enduring against the disintegration of the world, against death, and time’.

Art history guided tours of Pedretti’s studio by prior arrangement:

T +41 81 852 35 31 Kulturarchiv Oberengadin

T +41 81 826 52 24 Kulturbüro Sils

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Atelier Giuliano Pedretti

Via Maistra 36
7505 Celerina

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