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Chamanna Es-cha SAC

Like on a balcony, the Chamanna d`Es-cha lies high above the Engadine.

The Piz Kesch is enthroned behind it.

The panorama is breathtaking.

Serviced: Christmas until Epiphany, middle of February until end of April, beginning of July until end of September

Touring options: Piz Surgonda, Tschima da Flix, Piz Calderas, Piz d'Err

Specialties from the kitchen: Specialities from the kitchen: Typical meals out of the region (Barley Soup, Pizzoccheri, Maluns, Bramata).

Character: The Chamanna Jenatsch region is ideal for phantastic ski and snowshoetours during the winter. In summer it's popular for hiking and easy to moderate alpine climbs.

Highlights: The secludedness and quiet of the region make a visit to the Chamanna Jenatsch to an unforgettable experience.


Summer: SAC members:
Half board CHF 65.00.-
Overnight stay only CHF 29.00.-

SAC members youth (up to 17):
Half board CHF 54.00.-
Overnight stay only CHF 20.00.-

Non-members adults:
Half board CHF 77.00.-
Overnight stay only CHF 41.00.-

Non-members youth (up to 17):
Half board CHF 60.00.-
Only overnight stay CHF 27.00.-

Business hours

Summer: middle of June - middle of october Winter: winter 2020 closed

Further information

Chamanna Es-cha SAC

7524 Zuoz


Source: Engadin St. Moritz

Engadin St. Moritz

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