Graubünden Tourism

Viaducts in Graubünden

Bold structures of the Rhaetian Railway

Solis viaduct, Solis

They must have been particularly skilful engineers who helped the Rhaetian Railway to cross every ravine and every mountain stream. They built 612 bridges altogether. These include some world-famous ones such as the "Landwasser Viaduct", which is on the stretch of track from Thusis to St. Moritz, honoured by UNESCO – and displayed a million times on stamps in Switzerland and abroad. Or the Wiesner Viaduct, which impressed the painter Ernst Ludwig Kirchner so much that he depicted it in one of his masterpieces. To make «Little Red», as the Rhaetian Railway is affectionately known, the pioneers laid 384 kilometers of track more than 100 years ago – just so that you could discover Graubünden by rail today!

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