5-Tagestour Gotthard Tunnel Trail

102.6 km
36:00 h
5684 mhd
5869 mhd
Sedrun auf Höhe des Uaul Flurin

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57km or about 20 minutes by car separate train passengers between the north and south of Switzerland thanks to the Gotthard Base Tunnel. But it is more interesting to cover this distance at walking speed on top.

Technique 3/6
Fitness 5/6
Highest Point  2450 m
Lowest Point  294 m
Best Season
46.821242, 8.650394



Stage 1: Erstfeld - Bristen Accommodation: Gasthaus Alpenblick www.gasthaus-alpenblick.ch

On the first day of our hike we experience the Urnerland from an elevated position, once we have reached the height of Schwandi. We overlook the basin with its lively transit traffic by road and rail and we are happy to be able to walk on foot. We enjoy the slowness to the fullest, have time to look around, watch birds or study flowers more closely. From Waldiberg we swing in an open cable car to the valley.

Stage 2: Bristen - Sedrun Accommodation: www.disentis-sedrun.ch

We hike into the Etzlital, where we reach the Etzliboden via two terrain steps. After a short ascent we arrive at the Etzlihütte. From the terrace, our view sweeps into the Chrüzlital to the Chrüzli Pass, which was already used centuries ago as a pilgrim's and muleteer's path. On the Chrüzli Pass we stand for a moment exactly above the tunnel tube! Arriving in Val Strem we are impressed by the untouched valley with the lively stream, the lush meadows with cottongrass and the view of the Oberalpstock. At the waterfalls of Bauns we look down to Sedrun. Here, however, we cannot continue on the planned route, because in March 2016 a rockfall buried the valley. So we tackle the steep ascent to Alp Caschlé. At the top we count the mountain peaks of Piz Badus, Piz Gannaretsch to Piz Medel and other three-thousanders in between. On the following valley hike to Sedrun we always have the sun in our faces.

Stage 3: Sedrun - Lukmanier Pass Accommodation: Hospezi Santa Maria www.lukmanierpass.ch

The day promises a lot of variety: We are always in the valley area, walk through small villages and shady forests, take a break on the hill of Stagias and cross an extraordinary suspension bridge made of larch wood in Mutschnengia. On the old Lukmanier pass route, modernity does not yet seem to have arrived in the hamlets of Drual, Matergia and Pardé. The Alpe Sogn Gagl belongs to the monastery Disentis and the famous "wandering monk" Father Placidus A. Spescha spent some time here. But that was a good two hundred years ago.  At the latest at the first glance at the dam of the Santa Maria reservoir, modern times catch up with us again. But even that has its charm when we hike to the left bank on the gallery roof to the top of the pass.

Stage 4: Lukmanier Pass - Cari Accommodation: Capanna Prodör www.utoepizzomolare.ch

Benvenuti in Ticino. We now move in the Italian-speaking area, through the stony Val Termine up to the Passo dell'uomo and around the Pizzo delle Colombe, which seems somehow out of place in its appearance. Its peaks rise sharply into the sky and its flanks shimmer bright orange or white. It is the dolomite that gives it its shape and color and that collects sugar-like in the hollows. Ideally suited as decorative sand, if it still has space in the backpack. The highlight of this stage awaits us on the Passo Predelp, when we get an insight into the Valle Leventina.

Stage 5: Cari - Bodio Accommodation: Albergo Stazione www.albergostazionebodio.ch

The last hiking day is here and we leave early to benefit from the morning coolness. Always on the sunny side of the Leventina we hike mostly on the legendary Strada Alta Leventina, on which, contrary to its name, you only have to hike on short sections on the road. Parallel to the road that connects the villages of Calonico, Anzonico, Cavagnago and Sobrio, there is also a hiking trail. Partly through sparse forests, then again over well-kept meadows and past picturesque rustici. A "treat" at the end is the descent to Bodio. The path is always lined with stairs in Ticino style, winds down to the valley in numerous hairpin bends, and in the lower part we dive into a sparse chestnut forest. Tired and happy and also a little proud we arrive in Bodio.


With the book "Gotthard Tunnel Trail" you can prepare yourself well for this multi-day hike before the tour


The Val Strem is closed from the valley level Bauns to Sedrun after a rockfall. The eastern shore of the Santa Maria reservoir is closed due to construction work. As of June 2023

Variant 1: From Bauns via Alp Caschlé with counter-ascent. (Etzlihütte - Sedrun via Caschlé: 5-6 hours)

Variant 2: From the Etzlihütte over the Mittelplatten and through the Val Milar to Sedrun (Etzlihütte-Mittelplatten-Sedrun: 4 hours)

Until mid-July, there are still snowfields over the Chrüzli Pass or the Mittelplatten as well as on the north side of the Passo Predelp.


In Erstefeld we follow the road seisers to Alp Schwandi and on to Waldiberg. Take the cable car to Bristen. From Bristen we follow the signs to the Etzlihütte, further east through the Chrüzlital to the Chrüzli Pass. Descent into Val Milar to Bauns. Attention: Here the direct road to Sedrun is closed. Follow the signs to Alp Caschlé, which means an ascent and a detour. From the Alp Caschlé valley hike towards Rueras, continue to Sedrun. From Sedrun we follow the road to Cavorgia. Take the hiking trail, which partly leads along forest roads, towards Stagias and Curaglia. Downhill to Mutschnengia. We cross the suspension bridge and reach Pali. Follow the signs to the Lukmanier Pass. At the dam we choose the left side of the valley seen from us and hike over the gallery to the top of the pass. Continue on a military road into Val Termine in the direction of Lake Ritom. On the Passo dell'uomo we keep left to the Passo del sole. Above the Lago dei Canali is the turnoff to Passo Predelp. Steep descent to Prodör. Another descent to the height of the Strada Alta. Now we walk towards Calonico, Anzonico, Cavagna and Sobrio. Here begins the descent to Bodio, according to the hiking trail - signposting.


Public Transport

By train from Lucerne or Zurich to Erstfeld. Arrival from Disentis or Sedrun via the Oberalp Pass to Erstfeld.

Anreise Information

By car from Lucerne or Zurich to Erstfeld. Arrival from Disentis or SEdrun over the Oberalp Pass to Erstfeld.


Public parking in ERstfeld (subject to charge)

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