Route of amazement Weesen

2.7 km
1:00 h
31 mhd
31 mhd
Die Büelkirche thront über dem Städtchen
Uferzone bei Hüttenböschen

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Das Städtchen Weesen mit mediterranem Flair
A short route from the harbour in Weesen through the picturesque town to the scenic gem of Hüttenböschen, where Romans have left their mark.
Technique 1/6
Fitness 2/6
Highest Point  450 m
Lowest Point  420 m
Best Season
Weesen, Park am See
Weesen, Park am See
47.134947, 9.098907



From the starting point at the lake basin, the first thing you look at is the various interesting trees in the park. After the tree experiments in the park, cross the main road at the Hotel Schwert and walk into the town to the Dominican convent and continue up the road to the Büelkirche. You conclude your tour on the Hüttenböschen site below the train station, which once housed a stately Roman temple.

Trees in the park: The chestnut tree with twisting growth next to the small bridge does not like the location so close to the water. In this way, it rotates away from the source of interference again and again. Now go to the tulip tree and absorb its power. It's poisonous, don't lean on the trunk! You can recharge at the trunk of the sequoia (sequoia). The still relatively young tree already has considerable and constructive strength.

Monastery of Maria Refuge: In the church of the Dominican convent of Maria Refuge you will find a special, protected and quiet place. This is a wonderful place to relax. The energies are not particularly strong, because the previous churches, which were built with force fields in mind, were located in a different place.

Büelkirche (place of worship): On the church hill, on a strong square, sits the Church of the Holy Cross. Originally part of the castle complex, the church on the same site has been expanded again and again. Stand under the choir arch, behind the new altar and behind the lectern. Everywhere you stand on places of power of varying degrees of energy. On the outer façade, on the choir side of the Büelkirche, you will find a headache hole that the population is still aware of today.

Cult site Hüttenböschen (cult site): In the protected, extensive riverside area of Hüttenböschen, there is evidence of a place of worship with a temple in Gallo-Roman times. It was located on a small hill, marked on old maps as an island, at the former outlet of the Maag. Today you can't see any of it, the hill has been leveled in the course of the Linth correction, the island no longer exists, time has moved on.


Normal hiking equipment. Depending on the weather, good footwear (hiking boots) is recommended, otherwise light trekking shoes are sufficient for the tour.


Weesen Park am See - Klosterkirche - Büelkirche - Hüttenböschen - Weesen Park am See


Public Transport

By train to Ziegelbrücke, then by bus to the stop See, Weesen.

Anreise Information

Motorway exit Weesen, continue the signs towards See, follow Weesen.


Public parking at the lake, Weesen available (chargeable)

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