Schneeschuh-Route Bidanätsch

4 km
3:00 h
310 mhd
312 mhd
Schneeschuh-Route Bidanätsch
Schneeschuh-Route Bidanätsch

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Schneeschuh-Route Bidanätsch
Marked snowshoe route in a wildly romantic landscape.
Technique /6
Fitness 3/6
Highest Point  2001 m
Lowest Point  1752 m
Best Season
Gadastatt, mountain station of the vals sports lift gondola lift
Gadastatt, mountain station of the vals sports lift gondola lift
46.605774, 9.151064



The Snowshoe Route Bidanätsch leads from the Gadastatt mountain station of the Vals sports lifts into a varied winter landscape. For the approximately 5.6 km long, continuously marked route, three hours of walking are to be taken into account. Open fir forests, wide alpine areas and an extensive mountain panorama surround the snowshoe hikers on their less than steep march at an altitude between 1800 and 2000 meters above sea level.M. The route is divided into a small round (Gadastatt to Kristallloch) and a big round (round trip from Kristallloch).


Take a leisurely break in the panoramic restaurant Gadastatt. Enjoy the beautiful mountain panorama on the terrace when the sun is shining.


Please always note the current avalanche situation. You can find out whether the Bidanätsch snowshoe route (small and large round) is open at Visit Vals or at the Vals sports lifts. The Snowshoe Route Bidanätsch is only marked during the winter season of the Vals sports tracks (22.12.2017 to 02.04.2018).

From avalanche level 3 (considerable), there is a considerable avalanche danger off the route. Do not leave the route! From avalanche level 4 (large) the snowshoe route Bidanätsch may not be walked!

Walking the snowshoe route requires snowshoes and solid equipment, careful scheduling, basic knowledge of snow assessment and physical fitness. The route should only be taken in dry weather, good visibility, never alone - and only along the markings. The ascent of the snowshoe route is always at your own risk and responsibility.

Attention: Off the route, there is a risk of avalanches after fresh snowfall, strong winds or a large rise in temperature. Please note the blackout times. Please do not leave the route.

Wildlife protection: For wild animals, winter is a hard, deprived time. Please be considerate by not leaving the route and refraining from unnecessary noise. Please do not carry dogs on the route.


Warm and sturdy snow sports clothing, winter hiking boots, snowshoes with harsh irons, poles. In the backpack: provisions and drinks, mobile phone, sun protection, card, emergency pharmacy.


Small round: Start from Gadastatt, continue towards Moos and from there below the winter hiking trail to kristallloch. (round trip, easy, WT1, approx. 3.2 km, approx. 1.5 h).

Big round: Round trip from Kristallloch. Kristallloch - Bidanätsch - Kristalloch. (Round trip, medium, WT2, approx. 2.4 km, approx. 1.5 h).

Both rounds from Gadastatt a total of about 3 hours, depending on the individual walking time, the walking time can also be longer.

In several places, the snowshoe route crosses or touches marked winter hiking trails (moss, crystal hole). These places are suitable for an early exit, an interruption or a comfortable return.

Marking: pink marking rods. Information boards at the gondola mountain station and at the starting point of the route.


Public Transport

By Postbus from Ilanz to Vals.

Anreise Information

From Chur via Ilanz to Vals. Continue to the valley station of the gondola lift. Take the gondola to Gadastatt. There start and end of the route.


Parking of the Vals sports lifts

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