Snowshoe trail Camana - Safien Platz

7.8 km
3:30 h
318 mhd
623 mhd
Signalisierter Schneeschuhtrail: Camana kurz
Signalisierter Schneeschuhtrail: Camana - Safien Platz

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Signalisierter Schneeschuhtrail: Camana - Safien Platz

This delightful snowshoe trail leads past idyllic hamlets and the Camana huts, which are lined up like a silver thread. The view keeps sweeping into the distance: to the striking Piz Beverin peak, the Bruschghorn, the Glaspass and all the way back into the Safiental valley.

Technique 2/6
Fitness 3/6
Highest Point  1962 m
Lowest Point  1339 m
Best Season
Abzweigung Camana, post bus stop
Safien Platz, post bus stop
46.651536, 9.283507



The snowshoe trail starts at the Camana junction. First you follow the road for about 50 metres towards Camana and turn left into the forest. The trail meanders pleasantly uphill through the forest. Soon you leave the forest and hike over wide slopes up to Innercamana. From there the trail leads over wide loops up to the impressive Camaner huts. As witnesses to Walser alpine farming, they stand lined up like a silver thread on a line. Hiking from hut to hut, you enjoy a wonderful view of the Piz Beverin, the Bruschghorn and the Glaspass. Until about 1875, this was one of the most important connections for the Safiental to the neighbouring valleys.

Almost at the end of the Camaner Hütten, the relatively steep descent to Camanaboda begins. Just like Innercamana, Camanaboda is a typical hamlet with sun-baked houses, as found in Walser scattered settlements. Since agriculture has changed considerably, you will also find new, large stable buildings. In the past, the Walser moved from stable to stable with their animals and were only near their homes for a short period of time. In Camanaboda it is worth taking a look at the Safier museum of local history. There you can learn impressively how people used to live and work. At Hotel Camana you can enjoy homemade delicacies before the final descent to the Mura post bus stop.


Safier Heimatmuseum in Camana

Hotel und Beizli Camana

Gasthaus Rathaus, Safien Platz

Selbstbedienungsladen Spensa für Safientaler Produkte, Safien Platz


A snowshoe tour leads into unsecured terrain. Some of the tours are not signposted or maintained. It is up to each tour participant to equip themselves fully and to inform themselves about the snow and avalanche conditions before the tour. Surselva Tourism accepts no liability.

The time given is a guideline for reasonably experienced hikers in good conditions. Times for snowshoe tours can vary greatly depending on conditions, equipment and fitness. Plan enough time and start early for the planned tour!

This tour description and the markings in the terrain do not constitute a tour recommendation. Every decision to go on a tour is the sole responsibility of the individual hiker. It is strongly advised not to go on a tour in poor visibility conditions (fog, snowfall, etc.) or in the event of increased avalanche danger. Attention spring conditions: From around March onwards and generally on warm and/or very sunny days, it is essential to finish tours early.

Find out about the current snow and avalanche situation before each tour We recommend that you complete your first tours with a guide.

For us humans, winter is a wonderful time! Deep snow-covered landscapes, clear, pure air and in the evening after the snowshoe tour a warm, cosy home awaits. But for our game, such as roe deer, stags and gems, winter is a hard time! Every disturbance by us humans, every escape, becomes a torment for these animals and saps their reserves. Stay on the published route! This way, the game and resting zones are spared.


Well-functioning snowshoes, poles with winter plates, good footwear, winter-suitable clothing. In winter, the wind can significantly reduce the perceived temperature: Don't forget winter gloves, hat, thermos flask, etc.

It is advisable to carry a complete winter touring kit including avalanche transceiver.


Abzweigung Camana - Innercamana - Camaner Hütten - Camanaboda - Hof - Safien Platz


Public Transport

Arrival by post bus from Versam-Safien railway station (connection to Rhaetian Railway line Chur - Ilanz - Disentis) to junction Camana, return journey from Safien Platz.

Anreise Information

Travel to Versam and continue to Safien Platz. Park here and travel by post bus in the direction of Thalkirch to the Camana junction.


Few parking spaces at the Safiental municipal administration.

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