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Spielplatz Bärenschule Arosa Bärenland
The Arosa Bear Sanctuary is an experience for young and old. The inhabitants of the Arosa Bear Sanctuary are at the centre of attention an highlight of every Arosa visit.


The visitor platform of the Arosa Bear Sanctury offers the ideal place to watch the bears and enjoy the breathtaking mountain panorama of Arosa.

Various interesting elements convey knowledge about animal protection, bears and invite you to an exciting visit. The information is suitable for both adults and children and rounds off the visit to Arosa Bear Sanctuary perfectly.

Fun and games should not be missed out in the Arosa Bear Sanctuary. The minigolf course with probably the most beautiful Aussiht in the world tells the story of bear nutrition in a playful way. The aim is to overcome the twelve obstacles on the way to the next winter rest with as few strokes as possible.

The bear school playground tells the children what bear children must be able to do. Like a real bear, the children move and climb through the playground. A special highlight.


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Opening hours

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Public Transport

With the Rhaetian Railway you travel in comfort from Chur to Arosa and enjoy an unforgettable journey through the Schanfigg valley. Arosa railway station is located right next to the valley station of the Arosa-Weisshorn cable car. Take the gondola the reach the middle station, where the Arosa Bear Sanctuary is located. 


By car it takes about 40 minutes to get from Chur up a winding road. The Schanfiggerstrasse winds its way through the valley and overcomes 30 kilometres and around 360 bends with a height difference of 1320 metres. Once you reach Arosa you can park your car at the train station or in one of the parking garages. From there the Gondola Arosa-Weisshorn brings you comfortably to the middle station where you find the Arosa Bear Sanctuary. 

(It is not possible to reach the Arosa Bear Sanctuary by car)


In Arosa you can park your car in the Obersee car park or in the Ochsenbühl car park. A short walk will take you to the Arosa-Weisshorn cable car, which will take you comfortably to the Arosa bear country.

Please find all information about parking in Arosa on arosa-parking.com

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