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Braggio è un piccolo villaggio della Val Calanca posto su un terrazzo sulla sponda sinistra del fiume Calancasca, in posizione elevata a 1313 mslm.


 Braggio, located on the left side of the Calancasca river at 1313 meters elevation, is the highest and sunniest village in the Calanca valley and owes its unique terraced situation to glacier movement during the last ice age. 500 meters above the valley floor, Braggio is reached by cable car or by foot on the mule track from Arvigo.

The village consists of several hamlets. In the lower part, surrounded by meadows, stands the beautifully restored St. Bartholomew Church.

A few local families still practice agriculture and animal husbandry today. Their cheese is highly prized. The highest point of the municipality is the Piz Molera (2603 meters elevation), which is ad-jacent to Santa Maria.


Public Transport

Autopostale: Bus 215 Grono - Rossa, fermata: Arvigo, Filovia. Oppure Bus 216 Grono - Sta. Maria fino a Castaneda, Tevegno e cambio su Bus 215 Tevegno - Rossa fino ad Arvigo, Filovia.

Da qui prendere la teleferica per Braggio.


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