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Bündner Arena in Cazis

As the umbrella organisation of Graubünden agriculture, the Graubünden Farmers' Association comprises 19 regional farmers' associations and 13 agricultural organisations as collective members. It sees itself as a service centre for Graubünden agriculture and represents the interests of Graubünden farming families vis-à-vis political authorities and organisations.


Farmers earn a fair income by producing healthy food. This offers the farming families social security and quality of life. This ensures the long-term survival of a diverse agriculture in Graubünden.

The aim of the farmers' association is to show the importance and achievements of Graubünden agriculture with a self-confident and positive appearance. The association wants to anchor the image of a modern and productive agriculture in society and its customers and be recognized as a partner in society. The sustainable management of the bode, a species-appropriate husbandry of the animals and fair prices for the products are a major concern.

Graubünden agriculture produces food of excellent quality; naturally - the canton of Graubünden is a grass canton - mainly milk and meat.

Through sustainable land use, agriculture ensures the preservation of the cultural landscape and thus provides locals and guests with a diverse and well-kept recreational space.

Farmers contribute a lot to the settlement and stability of society in rural areas. The management of the meadows, pastures and Alps protects the valleys from natural hazards and thus makes them habitable.

By investing in buildings, melorations, developments, etc., agriculture contributes to the regional economy and thus to economic development. Upstream and downstream commercial and service businesses as well as tourism benefit from healthy Graubünden agriculture.

The Graubünden Farmers' Association wants to maintain open and comprehensible communication with all its contact persons.

With the full integration into the "graubünden" brand, Graubünden agriculture is committed to being "a piece of Graubünden" and is taking advantage of the opportunity to carry out active public relations work in the brand dress.

The association's own weekly magazine "Bündner Bauer" and the website offer the association the opportunity to communicate its concerns on an ongoing basis and to provide members, interested parties and, last but not least, the media with background information and basic material on Graubünden agriculture.

With continuous reporting, a professional appearance and active media work (press articles, media conferences, etc.), they want to build up and maintain the image of a modern, natural but also innovative and future-oriented Graubünden agriculture.


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