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Burg Nivagl

Burg Nivagl
History does not always leave clearly visible traces: almost nothing can be seen of the former Nivagl Castle, for example.

Burg Nivagl

7082 Vaz/Obervaz Zorten


The castle was probably the ancestral seat of the powerful Barons of Vaz. Around 1220, however, the barons probably moved to their new castle Belfort near Brienz/Brienzauls – and left Nivagl Castle lonely above the Schin gorge. Over the centuries, the traces of Nivagl were lost – until archaeological excavations were carried out around 1980. The remains of what had once been eaten at the castle came to light: bones of farm animals such as sheep and goats, but also of wild animals such as brown bears, deer and rabbits. Nivagl was probably not only interested in food, but also in good looks and living: archaeological finds such as gilded fittings, remains of a chain mail and traces of fresco paintings indicate this.


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