Ruin Heidiland

Burgruine Klingenhorn Wynegg, Malans

Historic castle ruins in Malans


The castle hill is separated from the mountainside by a perhaps artificially extended neck moat. The tower is preserved up to a height of three storeys, the top part is in poor structural condition and overgrown by scrub. Individual traces of Rasa-Pietra plaster with joint stroke are recognizable. Plaster marks and beam holes have also been preserved inside the tower, from which the height of the floors can be read. The interior of the tower is covered with rubble and scrub. A gate window on the first floor was broken out into a narrow entrance into the tower. On the second floor, the high entrance was bricked up, next to it there are two smoke vents and a narrow chimney. The determination of the wall opening on the third floor is no longer recognizable. To the west, walls of an outbuilding have been preserved. The Bering remnants mentioned by Clavadetscher/Meyer are hardly recognizable anymore. On the north side, beam holes indicate other buildings. To the west, on a lower terrace, there was a wide bailey.


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