Church San Bernardino Mesolcina Calanca

Chiesa Parrocchiale dei SS Bernardo e Nicolao

Chiesa Parrocchiale dei SS Bernardo e Nicolao
The parish church of S. Bernardo e Nicolao, first mentioned in 1529, is located in the village of Landarenca on a terrace on the right bank of the Calancasca stream.


The church of Landarenca, dedicated to Saints Bernard and Nicholas, was first mentioned in a document in 1529. Over time, it has been rebuilt several times, most notably in the XVII century, when it was rebuilt on top of the pre-existing Romanesque hall. Today it is a simple building with a rectangular choir with a cross vault and a wooden ceiling in the nave. The church was restored in 1969-1974. Inside the building are the high altar and the side altars made of polychrome stucco from the 17th century.


Chiesa Parrocchiale dei SS Bernardo e Nicolao

6545 Landarenca

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