Cemetery Bregaglia Engadin

Church S.Lorenzo

The present church was first mentioned in 1354, but was undoubtedly founded several centuries earlier. The lower part of the adjacent tower is certainly from Romanesque times.


The church was enlarged in 1471 and received two additional side altars; in 1506 it was renovated again and the choir was added. In 1552, after serious religious disputes in the village and despite resistance from the powerful Salis family, the parish joined the Reformation. The altar from 1499, the work of Ivo Strigel from Memmingen, was sold to the church of Santa Croce in Piuro. The church received its present appearance during the renovation of 1735 (inscription above the portal), through the new vaulted ceiling and the raising of the church tower to its present height. The last renovation in 1985 was intended to restore the original exterior as faithfully as possible, for example in the wall panelling, the benches on the left and in the choir, as well as in the shape and colour of the pulpit. The chandelier is made of Murano crystal. In contrast to other Bergell churches, the old gravestones on the interior walls have been left in place, including those of the Salis, Gugelberg von Moos, Planta and Pestalozzi families.




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