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The large fountain on the village square dates back to 1934. It has two additional wash troughs and a cover for the washwomen. Later, an extension followed, which served the fire brigade as a material depot. Here was also the meeting place of the fire brigade.

Next to the fountain was also the Postbus stop, above the old post office and next to it the restaurant Hossmann / Gufler and the wasch-Haus.


water supply

10 years later, the Flerden municipal assembly approved the new source rights agreement. It states that both sources are in the territory and property of the municipality of Flerden. Masein receives a minimum of 100 liters of water per minute. The overwater from the reservoir of Flerden is given to the municipality of Masein free of charge. On 26 February 1955, the land register was entered in Flerden. In the

Construction began in the second half of July 1956, on 31 October 1957 the spring and supply lines were collected and on 1 November 1957 the water supply and the hydrant plant were collated.


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