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FiliTour Nr. 5: Haus Cos

Blick vom Balkon Haus Cos auf die Dorfstrasse.
Haus Cos

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Paul de Casparis (1728-1804).
FiliTour No. 5: House Cos


Inseparable Sisters

The great-granddaughter of Paul de Casparis, the widow Maria Gregori-de Casparis, married Janett Cos in the 19th century . Her two granddaughters, the sisters Bigna (1838-1910) and Maria (1831-1910) Cos, each received a share of the house and moved in with their families. The sisters' relationship was so intimate that they could hardly stand it apart. They had a passage door built into the 95 cm thick partition wall to connect the two parts of the house. So they could always hear each other, call out to each other and visit each other. The extraordinary passage has been preserved to this day.

In the audio, Walter Willi, owner in the ninth generation, recalls stories about the former residents and how the house rooted him. The audio file can be found at the back of the pictures.  

Audio Guide

Haus Cos


FiliTour Nr. 5: Haus Cos

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