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The village with the charming centre
Just because St. Moritz is its neighbour does not mean that Celerina stands in the former’s shadow; on the contrary, this is the sunniest spot in the Engadin. Celerina’s shining attractions also include its charming village centre, with its picturesque Engadin houses and its incomparable range of leisure activities. Guests stroll here through the town centers "Celerina" and "Crasta".

Traditional Engadin architecture
The façades of the buildings were decorated with symbolic decorations scored into the plaster (sgraffito), while heaps of manure were stored in the cellar as a primitive form of heating. The Engadin houses were always something very special. Huge arched doors led into the large entrance, or Sulèr; on one side of the building was the stable where the hay was stored, on the other was the Stüva, the only heated room in the house, with the stairs leading up to the bedrooms.

Even today, these splendid buildings are oozing with history, something that you can best experience a guided village tour – and also find out all kinds of interesting facts about these witnesses of Western high culture. Such as the Gothic Church of Santa Catharina in Zuoz or the region's landmark – the Church of San Gian, situated on the plain between Samedan, Celerina and Punt Muragl.

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