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Hospiz Sta. Maria auf dem Lukmanier

Das neue Hospiz
Das alte Hospiz musste der Staumauer weichen

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Blick auf die Passhöhe mit Stausee

Hospiz Sta. Maria auf dem Lukmanier

Lukmaier Passhöhe Clavaniev, 7180 Disentis


Hospice on a historic pass, which is also the language border between the Rhaeto-Romance and Italian languages.

In the Middle Ages, hospices and hospitals were also associated with the bishop's seat and the monasteries as an ecclesiastical welfare institution for travelers, the sick and the poor. The bishop was responsible for accommodating travellers and those in need. For each bishop's apartment, there had to be a certain room for this. For the accommodation of strangers, special houses were built, tourist houses, xenodochi, in which even the sick were accommodated. The monastery of Disentis also maintained hostels for foreigners. There were even several on Lukmanierweg. The most important was that of the Hospice Sta. Maria. It is first attested to the year 1374 as the foundation of the abbot of Disentis to accommodate and strengthen exhausted travelers. In 1964, the hospice and chapel had to give way to the reservoir. Both were rebuilt on the pass road. The new hospice was inaugurated on August 1, 1965. The construction of the chapel was financed by the NOK, it was inaugurated in 1967.

Another hospice is located a little further down in the valley, near Sogn Gagl. The chapel Sogn Gagl (Saint Gallus) was first mentioned in 1261 and belongs to a hospice of the monastery Disentis, probably the oldest hospice of the monastery on this route. The building was built from scratch in 1668 and equipped with a stone wedge as an avalanche breaker.  Based on the sources, the hospice of Sogn Gagl always seems to have been beyond the path and stream. Placidus a Spescha wrote about it in 1803: "In a short hour's walk [from Sogn Gions] beyond the Froda [Middle Rhine] stands the Hospital St. Gall. It is the property of the Church of Disentis. Since the war [1799] you can't wait for the traveler any more than in the hospital in St. Johann." (PIETH, HAGER 1913: 288f.)

Opening hours

Hospezi Santa Maria: www.lukmanierpass.ch

closed in winter


Public Transport

By train from Lucerne over the Oberalp Pass or from Zurich via Chur to Disentis. Postbus to Lukmanier Passhöhe. (Operated from mid-June to mid-October)


By car from Lucerne over the Oberalp Pass or from Zurich via Chur to Disentis. Junction in the centre of the village towards the Lukmanier Pass


Parking spaces at the top of the pass


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