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Kapelle Nossa Dunna dallas Dolurs, Andiast

Aufnahme der Kapelle Nossa dunna dallas dolurs in Andiast.

The Catholic chapel Nossa Dunna dallas Dolurs (Sorrowful Mother Mary) can be found in the western part of the village of Carnugl above the road in the middle of residential buildings.

Kapelle Nossa Dunna dallas Dolurs, Andiast

7159 Andiast


According to the inscription, the chapel was built in 1736 according to a foundation of Durisch Capaul. A renovation took place according to the dated altar stone in 1883. On the occasion of the renovation of 1988, the chapel received a new floor and a new seating. The last renovation took place in 1993.

The choir faces northwest, retracted, closed on three sides and raised by one step. It is vaulted with a combination of barrel and dome with two lateral stitch caps. A simple stucco cornice rests on narrow pilasters. On the ceiling there is a stucco medallion with the inscription: as a thank you and in memory of the founder of the chapel.

On the choir side walls are two high rectangular barred windows with stitch-arched lining. The altar has a pretty antependium depicting the Pietà (dated 1752). The figures are surrounded by flower tendrils. On the canteen there is a predella with a table crucifix and altar candles. At the front of the upper step of the perdella there are two offset bases on the outside. On these there are a total of four turned, blue ionizing columns, which are wrapped in gold leaves and support gold-plated capitals at the top.

In the altar niche, which is round-arched at the top, there is a statuette of The Madonna Dolorosa in a blue/gold dress, pierced by a sword. In the altar structure, a golden heart can be seen in the acanthus leaves and two seated baroque angels on the outside.

On each longitudinal side, two stitch caps cut into the ceiling, and in a rounded medallion is a picture painted by Linus Flepp of Disentis, painted in 1993. It represents the event that led to the construction of the chapel: Durisch Capaul, the founder of the chapel, is rescued from a snowstorm with the help of Our Lady Mary.

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