Church Disentis Sedrun

Katholische Pfarrkirche St. Vigilius, Sedrun

Kirche Sedrun

Katholische Pfarrkirche St. Vigilius, Sedrun

Via Alpsu, 7188 Sedrun


History: In a 15th century anniversary, a dedicatio ecclesie S. Vigilii is recorded for June 26, 1205. The tower of the newly consecrated church, which was apparently just built at that time, is still preserved. In May 1408 the consecration of the lower altar took place. This probably means the altar, which stood in the middle of the church according to the visitation protocol of 1643. Although nothing is known about a conversion or new building at the time of the late Gothic period, there are signs to be mentioned later. The equipment with two winged altars, one of which is still preserved, also speaks for it. The present church was built in 1691/92. The new consecration on 12 July 1695. specifications: The church, which was rebuilt from the ground up in 1691, is an east-facing complex and has a three-bay nave with two side chapels that reach up to the vaulted zone of the nave, as well as a retracted, three-sided closed choir. In the north wall of the choir a singer's box opens, in the southern side of the nave a baptismal niche. The lighting takes place below the cornice through pierced windows, in the vaulted zone by lunettes and an oculus in the choir. The main entrance is on the western front. The tower, built around 1205, stands at a distance of 2.1m in front of the façade of the nave. It is made of good warehouse-like cuboids and has blind niches on all four sides on its second floor, each with a finish of five small arches over conspecifics. On the top floor on each side coupled arched windows. Above a cornice with gargoyles rises the octagonal pointed helmet with eyelashes, built in 1617. On the north side, the mounted St. George is painted, 18th century. Equipment: The high altar was built by Johannes Ritz in 1702. The work is of considerable quality. The work belongs to the same type as the altars of Lumbrein and Vals. The altarpiece depicts the stoning of St. Vigilius. The two side altars at the choir entrance emerged from Ritz's workshop. In the north chapel stands the only stucco altar of the church, around 1691. The canteen front features rich Rococo décor. A winged altar is placed in the south chapel. The main elements come from the old Gothic high altar. Polygonal pulpit with carvings of the same kind as the door. At the choir entrance are two baroque chandeliers and six silver, baroque chandeliers, 1670. On the choir arch hangs a life-size crucifix, around 1690. Bells: With inscriptions, 1628 and 1759. In the monastery museum Disentis there is a bust reliquary from Sedrun. Various sculptures from the 17th century in the Historisches Museum Basel.


Public Transport

By train from Lucerne over the Oberalp Pass or from Zurich via Chur to Sedrun. On foot 10 minutes


By car from Lucerne over the Oberalp Pass or from Zurich via Chur to Sedrun.

The Oberalp Pass is closed in winter


Public parking in the village


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