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Kristalle am Heinzenberg

Kristalle am Heinzenberg
Walter Rinderer, hobby spotlight, has been regularly on the Glass Pass for several decades:


"Sometimes you need a little bit of luck. After a thunderstorm I decided to take a break for a day. A friend of mine, on the other hand, was full of energy and was looking for a crystal gap in the Bruuchalp area. After a short time, he phoned me that I should definitely come. My friend had discovered a chasm in which we found a total of 300 kilograms of quartz crystals, these are the classic transparent crystals. They had tips of up to 25 centimeters and were arranged in groups of up to 50 by 50 centimeters. Although many crystals were destroyed by the landslides of the slope, it was a great find."

The area on the Heinzenberg is known among spotlights for the classic transparent quartz crystal. On the Glasergrat, along the Nolla and uphill towards Piz Beverin and Bruschghorn there are extraordinary crystal fissures. This attracts spotlights from far away to the Heinzenberg.

The spotlight activity is a fascinating craft. If you want to try it yourself, it is best to join a guided group and accompany an experienced spotlight. In addition to the specialist knowledge, the tools and a good feeling for the right job, a permit from the local community is also necessary.

Formation of quartz crystals

During the formation of the Alps, the rocks were compressed underground and broke in many places. When breaking, creviceous cavities can occur deep underground. In these, hot waters immediately accumulate, containing dissolved quartz and calcite. When cooling in the crevices, the dissolved substances crystallize and crystals grow from the edge of the fissure towards the center. If the cavity is large enough, the growing crystals take on their natural shape unhindered and a crystal gap is formed. By ablation, such crystal fissures gradually reach the earth's surface.
(Source: Kurt Wanner [Ed.]: Naturpark Beverin – Ein Kultur- und Landschaftsführer rund um den Piz Beverin. Südostschweiz Buchverlag, Glarus, 2014.) 


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