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Local History Museum of Arosa-Schanfigg „Eggahuus“

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Heimatmuseum Arosa-Schanfigg „Eggahuus“
The Schanfigg-Arosa Local History Museum presents a vivid picture of history, customs, former everyday life and crafts from Arosa and the Schanfigg. The rich collection of objects, documents and photographs is stored and exhibited in the historic Eggahuus.


Exhibits in the local history museum originate from the cultural history of the valley Schanfigg and the Wals people living there since the 13th century. The museum represents a summary of the farmer's past of the valley and the tourism industry that started 120 years ago.

Opening hours

Opening hours according to Website.


Public Transport

The Rhaetian Railway runs every hour from Chur to Arosa (also in the opposite direction). On arrival at Arosa train station, take the Arosa local bus in the direction of Hörnli to the Gada stop.


From Chur along the winding Arosastrasse to the end of the valley to Arosa. Follow the main road towards Innerarosa /Hörnli.


At the entrance to the village there is a large signposting with the various parking facilities. We recommend the parking garage Brüggli. You can find further information under Arosa Parking.

Audio Guide

Audioguide - Heimatmuseum Arosa


Local History Museum of Arosa-Schanfigg „Eggahuus“

Aelpli, 7050 Arosa

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