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In the course of extensive renaturation, a remarkable biotope has developed in the Riedboden area on Brambrüesch. Where a swamp already used to be home to many amphibians, animals and plants, a moorland now offers many species a new home and nature regains more habitat. It has now been made accessible with an attractive moor course, which was opened in mid-June 2018. Chur's local mountain has thus become a new, natural attraction from a tourist point of view, as the area now looks more like a park landscape. The course also serves to impart knowledge in the form of guided tours and training, including a research bag especially for children.

Guided excursions
Chur Tourism offers public excursions on various dates, where you can learn more about Brambrüesch and its development from an agricultural to a tourist area. And WWF offers a journey into the wonder world of the moor landscape with exciting games and experiments from the moor bag.


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