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Mulino Aino
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Mulino Aino

The pre-industrial craft business


The research carried out to date testifies that the mill and sawmill were already integrated into the economic and social environment of the Aino fraction before 1800. Since 1801, when the father Gioan Antonio Marchesi rented "the two mills for the agreed sum of four masses of wheat per day", the artisan complex will be associated for almost a century with the image of this Puschlaver and that of the son of the same name: craftsmen full of resources and with a spirit of innovation that distinguishes them as the predecessors of modern times.

How the power of water was used in the pre-industrial age can be experienced in the Mulino Aino. In this craft facility, a blacksmith's shop, a mill and a sawmill are driven by the same turbine and process grain into flour, tree trunks into boards and metal into utensils. Visit the Mulino Aino and embark on a journey back in time to the 18th century.

Opening hours


Groups can also visit the farm at other times on request.


Public Transport

Bus stop "San Carlo Li Austrini"


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