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Pfad der Pioniere 13: Von der Hacke zum Golfschläger

Golfplatz Alvaneu
Path of the Pioneers 13: From the hoe to the golf club


Man has shaped the landscape in the Albula Valley. Agriculture has created a rich cultural landscape. The edges of the fields are covered with species-rich hedges, on the former terrace fields flower-rich semi-dry grasslands have formed. At the former edges of the field, piles of reading stones are still visible: for centuries, the farmers piled up stones there that they had collected in the field. Piles of reading stones that have not yet overgrown are now a home for lizards and snakes.

More recent is the landscaping for the Alvaneu golf course. For the 18-hole course, the terrain was partially modeled, new ponds and ponds were created. Alvaneu owes the reopening of the sulphur bath to the construction of the golf course in 1996/97 and 2001/02. The municipality allowed the construction of the golf course only on the condition that the centuries-old bathing tradition, which ended in 1962 with the closure of the former spa, is revived.


Pfad der Pioniere 13: Von der Hacke zum Golfschläger

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