Body of water Heidiland


A must in the holiday region Heidiland!


Past Alten Bad Pfäfers (the old baths at Pfäfers) go through a coin operated turnstile into the gorge. On the path built along the wall you come to the tunnels in the rock which lead you to the Paracelsus source of the thermal waters. Notice at the entrace to the tunnels the statue of St. Barbara, patron saint of miners. Help yourself at the little thermal water fountain, the water is healthy, its energies are high, the energy quality being positive and negative, which after frequent and regular consumption brings the body in balance. From an energy perspective here can be considered a healing place. Following the tunnel brings you to the terrace where the old bathhouse in the gorge stood. Take your time, soak up the age-old power, go inside yourself and just be. On the way note the structures in the eroded rock faces, enjoy the play of light, shadow and falling water drops.


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