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Rovine del Castello di Norantola

Rovine del Castello di Norantola
Norantola Castle, which dates back to before the 12th century, is the second most important fortress in the Mesolcina Valley.


The ruins of Norantola Castle are located in a place of particular beauty, lying like a diamond in an enchanted forest. It is easily accessible on foot or by car and is located just a few minutes from the main road between Lostallo and Cama. The remains of the fortress stand on a small rocky hill in the forest on the territory of the municipality of Cama. It is a medieval fortress that has been destroyed several times throughout its history and has finally been consolidated thanks to the works carried out between 1989 and 1996. Explore its walls and be fascinated by its historical heritage.


Rovine del Castello di Norantola

6557 Norantola

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