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Ruine Hochjuvalt

Ruine Hochjuvalt
Ruine Hochjuvalt
Castle site with a distant view: Only the western corner of the once five-storey tower rises into the sky today on a rock in the middle of the narrow valley near Rothenbrunnen.


Hochjuvalt Castle was the seat of a lordship to which Scheid and Feldis also belonged. The significance of their situation lay in the fact that the Vogelsang was able to block the road from Chur when it entered the Domleschg. It was destroyed in the Shamser feud, but then rebuilt. In 1462 Hoch-Juvalta was sold by Barbara of Juvalta to Junker Pedrut of Wannis, and abandoned at the beginning of the 16th century. The complex consists of two parts, the actual castle on the rock head and the buildings on the road, in which we can see the farm Juvalta. Of the castle, only a wall tooth of the four-storey residential tower and small remains of an extension and the ring. The "courtyard" was surrounded by a closed, subsequently extended ring of walls, which let the street through in two gates. Parts of this wall and a corner building still stand upright.


The rock head is not accessible.


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