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ruins of San Gaudenzio

Ruine der Kirche San Gaudenzio
San Gaudenzio
The ruins of San Gaudenzio Church are located on a hillside just above Casaccia. The first reports of the church date back to 831 AD.


The pilgrimage church is mentioned in the imperial register and has been a popular destination for pilgrims since the time of Charlemagne. The building you see today was built in the Late Gothic style in 1518 on top of the ruins of a previous construction. When the reformation arrived in Bregaglia, the reformer Vergerio 1551 encouraged the population to desecrate San Gaudenzio. Images and relics were smashed and thrown into the river Orlegna. 
The church was used for funeral rites until 1738. Now, from the inside, you can see the sky because the roof is gone, but the charm of the place is still intact.

 Gaudenzio, to whom the church was dedicated, is said to have come to Bergell in the 4th century. It is not clear if he was from the area or if he was born in Novara, a town west of Milan, in Italy. In Bregaglia, the saint began to preach and convert the pagans. Opponents, however, accused him of conspiring against the local authorities. After suffering severe beatings he was dragged to a thick pine forest, probably near Casaccia, and beheaded. The legend says that the martyr picked up his head with both hands and walked approximately 180 meters to the place where his church was later built. San Gaudenzio was canonized by Pope Urban V (1261-1264) and in 1518 was named patron saint of the League of God's House.




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San Gaudenzio


ruins of San Gaudenzio

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