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Sasso San Gottardo

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Sasso San Gottardo

Once TOP SECRET - today a unique museum

The unique museum "Sasso San Gottardo" is located in the huge caverns of the former Gotthard fortress deep inside the mountain. The fortress on the Gotthard Pass was one of the largest underground defence installations in Switzerland and was still operated as a top-secret military facility until 2001.


Today, visitors can explore extensive tunnels and experience a breath of history. The underground funicular "Metro del Sasso" takes you to the historic fortress, where gunrooms, ammunition magazines, troop accommodation and command facilities are hidden away. One of the mysterious passages leads to an exit in a rock face - and to the viewing platform, which offers a beautiful panorama.


In the "Exhibitions" sector, the museum displays the natural wonder of the giant crystals: 1.5 tonnes of crystal-clear quartz crystals, a find of the century! Treasures made of rock crystal are exhibited in the "Magical Chamber" (Wunderkammer). In addition, a giant painting that opens to music surprises in this sector: The worldwide unique image machine "Reduit" by Tullio Zanovello tells the legends and myths of the region in an unusual way.

The special exhibition "Top Secret: P-26" about the legendary Swiss secret organisation can also be seen until September 2021.

The historical personality of Henri Guisan, the most popular general in Swiss history, is highlighted in an exhibition in the historic fortress.

We also cover the legendary song "99 Luftballons" by German singer and songwriter Nena in our exhibition about the Gotthard Fortress at the time of the East-West conflict in Europe.

Visiting options:
  • short and large tour without a guide
  • guided tours, adventure tours, guardian of the fortress (Festungswächter) tours, treasure hunts

Dates, timings and online tickets:



Access via the Gotthard Pass road, free parking directly in front of the main museum entrance, which is located 300 metres from the top of the pass.

Attractive post bus connections from Andermatt. The Gotthard Passhöhe bus stop is a five minutes' walk from the main entrance.


Pets are not allowed in the museum.


We recommend warm clothing and good shoes for your visit (it is about 8-10 degrees Celcius in the fortress).


What was once top secret may now be photographed without restriction. Look forward to interesting motifs.


The exhibition sector is partly barrier-free. WC for disabled persons is available. The historic fortress is accessible only by Metro del Sasso (cable car), which is not wheelchair-accessible. Most areas within the historic fortress are barrier-free.


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