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Various Steinmanndli on the Pizol


Until the 20th century, the ancient cult place on the round hill of the Basegglakammes, which is referred to as "Kirchlichopf", was used. It is characterized by the many, differently sized Steinmannli. Look for the largest stone objects, they are said to date back to prehistoric times. Sit here to rest, absorb the prevailing vibrations and feel the typical energies of a cult place! Some stone towers have collapsed. Rebuild one of them! In this way you will get closer to the place that was Christianized with the setting of three crosses in 1717 and with names such as "At the three crosses" and "Kirchlichopf". The Christian reinterpretation of the square and the subsequent pilgrimages prove its pre-Christian importance, which you can see from the many Steinmannli. In Celtic and pre-Celtic times, when visiting a sanctuary, a stone was brought along and used in the holy place to layer towers and walls. Important and much-visited places can be recognized by its many stone objects.


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