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The fountain consists of joined stone slabs, two so-called wheel deflectors and an additional concrete wash trough. The way from the schoolhouse here leads past the former restaurant Gemsli and the "very old" schoolhouse with the coats of arms of the citizens of Flerden. Under the street is the village saw and right next to the fountain the bakery of the municipality.


water supply

A single document in the municipal archives refers to the construction of the water supply. It is entitled "Building regulations for the water pipe made of cast-iron tubes with hydrants and reservoir in Flerden" and comprises 13 articles. It is probably the draft of the later contract for work. It states that the entrepreneur has to grasp the source, carry out the supply line from clay tubes to the reservoir according to the enclosed plan and do all ancillary work. He should deliver and store the cast-iron tubes and taps, dig the trenches and cover them again. Article 9 of the paper states that the line to be built must feed five village wells.


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