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The reawakening of Lake Lüscher

Abb.1 Reaktivierung Lüschersee Stand Ende Juni 2022
Abb.2 Trockengelegter Lüschersee, Bild von 2021

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Abb. 3 Trockengelegter Lüschersee, Bild 2021

Since spring 2022, the drained Lake Lüscher has been dammed up again in a test phase (Fig. 1).


Drainage of the lake in 1910
Because a connection between Lake Lüscher and the landslides on the Heinzenberg was suspected at this time, the lake was drained through an artificial tunnel (Fig. 2 & 3).

2018 to 2021
Extensive geological and hydrological investigations have shown that Lake Lüscher has only a minor influence on the landslides on the Heinzenberg (Fig. 4).

Reactivation and utilisation of the lake from 2022
The reactivation of Lake Lüscher is now intended to promote winter and summer tourism. The water of the lake will be used for technical snowmaking in the first winter months.

Change in biodiversity
Following the emptying of the former lake, new small bodies of water and moorland have formed in the area where 9 different dragonfly species (Fig. 5) have been recorded. To preserve this biodiversity, the loss of the small areas worthy of protection is compensated for by local replacement measures in Fig. 6 & 7.


The reawakening of Lake Lüscher

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