Attraction Heidiland


Magical place with many powers


Pay attention to the special atmosphere that welcomes you when you enter the mixed oak forest at the Tiergarten. The longer you stay in it, the more you feel the almost mystical aura of the place. The Tiergarten Hill was once much larger. As a red island mountain, it protruded from the water of the then much longer Walensee and the Seez. There are many indications that it has been used as a mountain of strength and cult. If you follow the path to the Tiergarten Hill, you will reach a spacious, round fairground. Continue up the path to the Stone Sanctuary. The stone heligtum consists of two large stones, one of which is a bowl stone with two notched water bowls. They are of positive, life-promoting quality and of high radiation intensity. Stand on it and feel inside yourself. What exactly do you feel? A little off the beaten track, you will come across two millstones that have never been completely completed. Get involved in a small experiment here. Which stone do you like better? Which one are you drawn to? Stand alternately on both stones. Stay calm and relaxed. Where does it feel better? Take the following insight with you into everyday life: If possible, stay in places where you are comfortable. The millstone energy experiment sensitizes perception and makes it easier for you to consciously listen to your body.


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