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Via Sett:: Trockenmauern

Trockenmauern sind charakterstisch entlagn der Septimerroute
Aufbau einer Trockenmauer.

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Trockenmauern tragen zur Artenvielfalt bei und bieten Lebensraum für verschiedenste Tiere und Pflanzen, wie der Schlingnatter oder dem Weissen Mauerpfeffer


Do you see the dry stone wall? 
They line the Septimerroute and shape the cultural landscape in Parc Ela. Dry stone walls have been built for centuries with natural stones without concrete and mortar to demarcate pastures, for avalanche protection and as retaining walls. 

Today, many dry stone walls are no longer maintained and decay. The association Parc Ela has therefore inventoried, renovated or even rebuilt the existing dry stone walls. Since 2013, community service workers, companies and holiday work groups have been repairing selected sections of the kilometre-long dry stone walls along the Septimerroute.

In the audio clip, Gian Parpan tells you more about the construction and stability of the dry stone walls.


Via Sett:: Trockenmauern

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