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Vom Marschieren und Finanzieren

Vom Marschieren und Finanzieren
Why do you actually walk over the more than 2100 meter high Splügen Pass? Because you have to.


At least that seems to apply to Stilicho. The Roman army commander had to lead his troops back to the south around 400 AD, his retreat marked the end of Roman rule over today's Graubünden.

From 1823 onwards, people moved more joyfully over the Splügen. After all, there is now a comfortable road – and the road construction has cost the Grisons nothing. The road was paid for by the Lombardo-Venetian Kingdom in the south of the Splügen. This is for fear that trade and traffic could shift to the newly developed San Bernardino route – to the advantage of its neighbouring competitor, the Kingdom of Sardinia-Piedmont.


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