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Vom tosenden Wasser

Vom tosenden Wasser
Thusis first appears in the documents in 1156 under the name Tosana.


Depending on the source, it owes its name to the origin of the first settlers who immigrated from Tuscany. It is more likely that the nearby mountain stream Nolla was the godfather of the village. Accordingly, Thusis comes from the same stem as Tosen.

The connection between the village and the stream is no coincidence, as it was – in addition to the regularly raging village fires – a constant source of danger for the Thusners. Nolla, notorious for his sudden swelling, could owe his name to his stubborn nature: Anuyoll or Anugl is the Romanesque word for ram, and the torrent sometimes behaved just as unpredictably as the animal.

In the years 1707, 1710, 1711 and 1719 he tore bridges, Wuhren and shore marksmen with him, only to retire for unknown reasons. A deceptive calm: in 1805 and 1806 the stream destroyed the country road bridge no less than five times, in 1807 it dammed the Hinterrhein 40 feet, i.e. over ten meters high, putting not only Thusis, but also Sils and other communities in the valley floor in danger.


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