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Vom Vieh der Safier

Vom Vieh der Safier
Thusis is not only a stage on an international trade route, it is also a regional center.


In addition to the north-south axis, other connections used to play an equally important role for the local population.

Thusis was an important market town until the 20th century. At the best of times, up to 3000 head of cattle were traded on the market meadow, more than any other in Switzerland. The peasants flocked with their animals from all directions to haggle, pay old debts or make new ones.

Especially the Safier, who were known for their robust cows, were for many years completely oriented towards Thusis. When they drove their cattle to the Thusner Markt, they probably passed by this place. The "stony Wegli" also leads up into the castle forest of Tagstein, which used to be a popular walking path for locals and guests. 


Vom Vieh der Safier

beim Stall Conrad, 7430 Thusis

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