Nature Trail Bergün Filisur

Wasserweg ansaina 07: Eisenquelle

Waterway ansaina 07: Iron Spring


A source of iron. A spring of iron. The grass is rusty, the water fresh. A place of passage, and yet a place of peace. A place with history, albeit rather inconspicuous. Here, children have always played in the forest and drank the water to get strong. Some have even healed the abrasions with the water. This place, this source, is waiting to be discovered. Not only the gentle murmur of the water or the colourfulness of the rust in the green and snow, but also the special light that is inherent in this place. Experience the intimacy and the wide layering of the landscape, in summer or winter. And create a place of silence and joy for a while. And take a sip of water from this spring: it is said to make you strong.


Wasserweg ansaina 07: Eisenquelle

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