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The Wildsee lake lies in the midst of high alpine scenery and captivates with its unique colour


Whether Wildsee, Schottensee, Schwarzsee or Baschalvasee: each of the four Pizol lakes is a gem in itself and so different that the viewer cannot stop being amazed.
The 5-lake hike is considered a hiking classic in Switzerland, where you can stop at all the Pizol lakes. The hike starts at the Pizolhütte on Lake Wangsersee. The ascent to the Wildseelücke at 2,493 m, from where you have a beautiful view as far as the Ortler and Piz Kesch, takes about an hour. Below the saddle at 2,438 m lies the Wildsee, with its milky-blue water and almost seems to be painted into the inhospitable, barren alpine landscape. In the background you can see the Pizol Glacier, the Pizol Summit and the Grey Horns.
After a short descent, you reach the greenish shimmering Schottensee at 2,335 m, whose clear water even encourages the most die-hard to take a dip from time to time on a beautiful summer's day.
We continue to the Schwarzsee 2,368 m, which, in contrast to the first two lakes, seems rather dark and threatening. No wonder, according to legend, a bull is said to live in the water here.
Passing numerous old cairns, you finally reach Lake Baschalva at 2,174 m, whose colour rivals the green of the surrounding meadows.


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