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Swiss National Park and further Parks

National Park

All the fascination and beauty of the Swiss Alps is preserved and at the same time brought to life in our parks. We open up paths to encounters with alpine flora and fauna that you will never forget. Holidays in the nature park, the ibex at dawn, authentic village life and great mountain peak experiences. Getting close to nature is our programme. This is true of the one and only Swiss National Park, which extends over 170 square kilometers in the Engadin, just as it is for Parc Ela with its rough high-alpine pass landscapes around the Albula, Julier and Septimer passes. Peaceful high valleys, clear mountain lakes and unique biodiversity also characterise the Biosfera Val Müstair, the UNESCO World Heritage Tektonikarena Sardona and the Beverin Nature Park, which stretches from the Viamala Gorge through the Safiental Valley.

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  • Swiss National Park

    The Swiss National Park, with an area of 170 square kilometre, is the largest nature reserve and the only national park in Switzerland. Discover the National Park.

    Discover National Park
    Val Cluozza, Swiss National Park
  • Parc Ela

    Parc Ela is situated in the heart of Graubünden and includes the valleys of Albula and Surses / Oberhalbstein. Altogether, 19 municipalities have merged to form the largest nature park in Switzerland.

    Discover Parc Ela
    Alp Flix, Savognin (Picture: Lorenz A. Fischer)
  • Beverin Nature Park

    Beverin combines four valleys and two cultures. Known for deep gorges, unspoilt villages, crystal clear lakes and churches that distinguish the landscape, it attracts nature-conscious guests year after year.

    Discover Beverin Nature Park
    Mountain village of Tenna, Valley of Safien
  • Biosfera Val Müstair

    The Müstair Valley is framed by the two major alpine crossing-points, the Ofenpass and the Umbrailpass. Together with the adjoining Swiss National Park, the Biosfera forms a high alpine biosphere reserve.

    Discover Biosfera Val Müstair
    Fuldera, Val Müstair
  • Sardona Tectonic Arena

    Striking jagged peaks and sharp lines, the Tschingelhörner above Flims Laax forms a particularly attractive part of the Sardona Tectonic Arena and has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2008.

    Discover the Tectonic Arena

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With four regional nature parks, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site, a UNESCO biosphere reserve and the Swiss National Park, Graubünden has the highest density of parks in Switzerland.

Categories and overview

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