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Claudio Zuccolini

THE EXCITEMENT – the new and 7th program by Claudio Zuccolini


07.09.2023 from 20:00 to 22:00 o'clock
Single admission CHF 39.00
Premium admission CHF 49.00
Single admission, up to 20 years & students (ID & student ID) CHF 34.00
Multi-purpose building Bad Ragaz

Claudio Zuccolini comes from the intermediate generation X. He told this in his last and successful program DARUM. So today he is in an intermediate age: he is no longer young, but also not really old. There are still many things he can't do - and many things he doesn't want to do anymore. But there is one thing he can do really well and always better: get upset. Thus, Zucco is THE EXCITEMENT in its new and seventh program.

What does he get upset about? About big little things. About placemats or tattoos. About the dishwasher or cookbooks. Or simply about yourself. As always, Zucco asks himself many questions and explains why he likes to blaspheme. About Kurt and Erika, for example. Because there are many new things to tell about them!

As always, the audience can sit back and laugh heartily at their everyday observations. Because when it comes to excitement, Claudio Zuccolini knows no in-between. He is THE UPSET. Completely and again and again. And guaranteed sustainable!


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